How to include WUSF in your will

Making a gift through your will is an easy way to make a substantial gift that will benefit future generations. Please notify WUSF that you have included the station in your will. Telling us now about your intentions will help USF Foundation carry out your wishes. Plus, we can help you ensure that your gift makes the biggest impact it possibly can. To notify us, print and complete the Declaration of Intent form, and mail it to the address at the bottom of the form. To discuss your intentions or to learn more, contact Scott Nolan at 813-974-8677 or email

Change Your Will by Adding a Codicil

It's never too late to change your will by adding a codicil. A codicil is a simple document that adds or modifies provisions in your will. You can change your personal representative, and even add or delete individuals or organizations as you wish. It's a lot less expensive than rewriting your will, and if done properly, codicils are just as legal and binding as the main portion of your will.

Consult an Attorney

Gifts of this nature should be considered in relations to your comprehensive estate plans. You should consult an attorney in the preparation of your will. SAMPLE BEQUEST LANGUAGE

Bequest of Cash, Stock or Securities

For a bequest of cash, the possible language is: "I give to USF Foundation, Inc. the sum of (amount) to be used for the benefit of WUSF Public Broadcasting." For a bequest of stock or securities, the possible language is: "I give USF Foundation, Inc. all of my shares of XYZ stock or mutual fund to be used for the benefit of WUSF Public Broadcasting."

Proportional Bequest

A proportional bequest is often the best way to accomplish your goals. Giving a proportion is particularly useful if you do not want to specify the exact amount of the intended gift, or if the size of the future estate is difficult to estimate. We would receive a percentage of the estate or the residue of the estate; after all other provisions have been met. Possible language is: "I give to USF Foundation, Inc. (percent) of my estate, or (percent of the rest, residue and remainder) of my estate to be used for the benefit of WUSF Public Broadcasting."

Contingent Bequest

A contingent bequest takes effect only if the primary intention cannot be met (e.g. if the primary beneficiary does not survive the donor). This ensures that property will not be distributed to unintended beneficiaries. Possible language is: "If (name of primary beneficiary) does not survive me, or shall die during the administration of my estate, or as a result of a common disaster, then I give to USF Foundation, Inc. all of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, to be used for the benefit of WUSF Public Broadcasting."

State Matching Funds

The state of Florida may match your gift! If you'd like us to pursue a state match, please consider adding the following phrase to your bequest document: "It is my intent that, upon the distribution of my gift to the University of South Florida Foundation, Inc., the Foundation apply to the Florida Board of Governors for a matching grant through the Trust Fund for Major Gifts of the State of Florida, or for any and all successor matching grant funds that may be available at the time of my gift."