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October 2017 Volume 10/2017 WUSF TV
Mon, Oct 02

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Quick Stitch to Wear Again, Part 1" Nancy highlights a simple, yet unconventional, approach to clothing repairs. Learn the Fool'em Jean Hem, the No-Bump Jeans Hem, a Snug-Up the Waist Fix, and a Cover-up Zipper Fix. You'll be surprised at these easy methods to do your own clothing repairs quickly.

8:30 AM It's Sew Easy "Pack and Go" Be ready to go - anywhere, anytime. Sewing blogger and busy Mom Caroline Critchfield stays packed and ready with a handy bag made with clear vinyl and colorful fabric. Award-winning quilter Carolina Moore takes along paper-piecing projects so she can keep stitching wherever she goes. Alex Woodbury shares a charity sewing project.

9:00 AM Beads, Baubles and Jewels "Beading Fitness Routine" Check your beading fitness. Jewelry design Molly Schaller jump starts her designs by mixing matte and glossy beads. Polishing expert Anie Piliguian buffs matte beads to a high-gloss finish. Then, designer Katie Hacker cools down with ideas for using different types of leather cord and creates a jewelry bail to customize a pendant.

Tue, Oct 03

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Quick Stitch to Wear Again, Part 2" Nancy takes an easy and lighter approach to clothing repairs. Replace broken zippers, mend jeans, sew on buttons, and more with this unconventional approach to repairs. Nancy breaks all the traditional sewing rules with these easy clothing repair techniques. Zipper Remedy, Holes to Art, Lumberjack Patches, Too Much Cake Fix, and more.

8:30 AM Quilting Arts "Celebrating Sheers" Sheer fabrics open up new design opportunities. Textile artist Lisa Walton paints, cuts and folds sheer organza to make origami designs. Printmaker Martha Wolfe celebrates the time-honored Korean art of pojagi with printed and painted organza she sews with flat-felled seams.

9:00 AM Fit 2 Stitch "Weddings" Whatever your role at the wedding, be comfortable and look great from the ceremony through the reception. See how to make a simple sheath dress with a beaded or lace overlay.

Wed, Oct 04

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Sew The Perfect T-Shirt, Part 1" Add a designer touch to an easy-to-make T-shirt-fast and fun! Designer Pamela Leggett joins Nancy to share fitting techniques that flatter "real" figures and to show simple knit sewing tips for T-shirts. Pamela's easy T-shirt pattern has a flattering style that gives options for the necklines that are featured.

8:30 AM Fresh Quilting "Finding Precision" Precision is key to creating stunning quilts. Violet Craft puts her technology experience to work as she builds quilts using foundation piecing. Marine scientist and quilter Sylvia Schaefer finishes off her quilts with multi-colored binding that perfectly matches the piecing in the quilt.

9:00 AM Sew It All "Diy Undies, Monica Bravo" Make your own cute underwear with tips for working with stretch knit.

Thu, Oct 05

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Sew The Perfect T-Shirt, Part 2" Sew a classic tee dress with easy fitting, sewing, and designing techniques. Nancy and designer Pamela Leggett show how to apply sewing and fitting techniques from a T-shirt pattern to a wardrobe classic-a comfortable tee dress. Also learn tips for several neckline variations and hemming options ideal for dresses.

8:30 AM Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting "Brighten Up, Buttercup!" Bright, fresh, floral fun! This quilt design combines two curving shapes in a lattice setting, with an applique embellishment to add a touch of sweetness. Love of Quilting's sewing specialist Colleen Tauke and host Sara Gallegos teach all the methods needed to make this quilt an easy project.

9:00 AM Knit and Crochet Now! "Handwarmers" Drew is back to try his "hand" at knitting with the Scalloped Fingerless Gloves and Robyn shows us her crochet Doily Wristlets. Lena demonstrates a knit Star Stitch Cowl.

Fri, Oct 06

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Beginning Landscape Quilting, Part 1" Learn landscape quilting using this simplistic approach and easy techniques. Nancy and her quilting mentor Natalie Sewell streamline the landscape quilting process using a beginner's prospective. Learn to use inspirational photos, choose fabric, and master messy and fussy cutting techniques. Create trees easily with raw-edge applique techniques and give them dimension with fabric markers or oil pastels.

8:30 AM Quilt In A Day "Dessert Time" This quilt is a piece of cake using Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls.

9:00 AM Knitting Daily "Playtime Knits" It's time to play! Author Elizabeth Green Musselman knits a kid-approved Ninja back pack. Artist Taylor Hart shares her whimsical crocheted taxidermy and the Dolly Mamas knit a furry friend for a good cause. Tanis Gray teaches the puffy Canterbury Bells stitch and Vickie Howell shows how to finger knit.