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  • Entrepreneur - NoMo Nausea

    University Beat's monthly look at entrepreneurs with ties to USF continues with a talk with the inventor of the "NoMo Nausea" wristband, which stops nausea in both people and pets.

  • Restricted

    The University of South Florida’s Contemporary Art Museum is showing off some of the hidden gems of its 5,000 piece collection this summer with an exhibition called “Restricted.”

  • USF Preeminence

    WUSF’s Mark Schreiner spoke to USF President Judy Genshaft and Provost Ralph Wilcox after the school became the state's third preeminent university.

  • USF Entrepreneurs

    As part of a new, ongoing monthly series, University Beat is profiling an entrepreneur with ties to the University of South Florida - it could be a current student, alumni or faculty member.

  • USF-Dozier Reform School

    USF researchers have been looking at the Dozier Reform School for Boys in Marianna, FL, where students, some who died under mysterious circumstances, were buried.

USFSP professor Ray Arsenault's biography of Arthur Ashe, "Arthur Ashe: A Life," will be released Aug. 21. (courtesy Simon & Schuster)
Twenty-five years after his death, the first comprehensive biography of famed African-American tennis player Arthur Ashe will be published in August. Dinorah Prevost talks to USF St. Petersburg professor Ray Arsenault about his...

Recent University Beat Episodes

"Restricted" runs at the USF Contemporary Art Museum through August 8.
Radio: Restricted (July 10, 2018)
WUSF’s occasional “Art Populi” series is currently featuring art museums and galleries around Tampa Bay. The University of South Florida’s Contemporary Art Museum is showing off some of the hidden gems of its 5,000 piece...
The University of South Florida joined Univ. of Florida and Florida State Univ. as the state's only preeminent universities June 28.
Radio: USF Preeminence (July 2, 2018)
The University of South Florida has finally attained a long-sought-after goal of becoming the state’s third preeminent university. WUSF’s Mark Schreiner was the first reporter to speak to USF President Judy Genshaft and Provost...
Professor Davide Tanasi proved traces of olive oil were once stored in this 4,000-year-old jar, which is 700 years earlier than previously thought. (Courtesy Regione Sicilia - Polo Regionale di Siracusa per i siti e musei archeologici Museo Paolo Orsi)
Radio: Olive Oil (June 25, 2018)
A USF history professor uncovered a 4,000-year-old jar in Italy that showed traces of olive oil. That may not seem like a major discovery – but that’s actually 700 years earlier than we thought olive oil production began there....
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Mark Schreiner

Mark Schreiner has been the producer and reporter for "University Beat" on WUSF 89.7 FM since 2001 and on WUSF TV from 2007-2017. In addition to serving as a producer, reporter, host and assistant news director, he serves as Intern Coordinator for WUSF News. Mark has worked as an anchor, reporter and producer at radio stations in Tampa and his native Chicago since 1992. He graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a BA in Telecommunications/Radio in 1994.

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