Power Yoga on WUSF TV

Step onto your mat and get ready to work!
Adrienne Reed's "Power Yoga for Athletes" is an intense, challenging, head-to-toe workout created specifically for people who like to feel the burn.

This innovative, easy-to-follow Yoga exercise will improve your strength, stamina, flexibility and balance – mentally and physically. Each "flow" (a series of yoga poses that transition together) focuses on a specific muscle or muscle group.

Power Yoga: Power your mind, power your body...power your life!

Produced by WUSF, "Power Yoga for Athletes" is now available in DVD and VHS.

For more information and to purchase this exciting new video, visit Adrienne Reed's Website.

ADRIENNE REED: Founder of Namasté Yoga Studio

Adrienne Reed is founder and owner of Namasté
Yoga Studio in Tampa, Florida. Her athletic background, including gymnastics and cheerleading, plays a major role in her Power/Vinyasa teaching style.

Adrienne has been practicing yoga for over six years. She founded Namasté Studio in October of 2003, making the choice to fully immerse herself in yoga.

Adrienne's teaching style is energetic and dynamic. She encourages her students to live in the moment and enjoy where they are. Her flows are robust and vigorous, focusing on strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. They will challenge students of all levels.

Adrienne has a strong athletic student base, including:

  • Active and retired NHL players
  • Major and minor league baseball players
  • An Olympic gold medalist
  • Tennis players, soccer players and other local amateur athletes

Adrienne believes strongly in the benefits of yoga. Regular yoga practice with Adrienne will:

  • Improve your strength, flexibility, stamina and balance - mentally and physically
  • Reduce injuries
  • Improve overall sport performance
  • Give you a physical and mental edge over your competitors