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PolitiFact Florida on Rubio and 'Dreamers,' Scott on Medicaid
Now that Sen. Marco Rubio is officially running for president, he's already being hit with a barrage of attack ads. One of them says he tried to deport so-called "dreamers." We talk about that - and whether Gov. Rick Scott is taking both sides of the Medicaid debate - with PolitiFact Florida's Josh Gillen.
Fact-Checking Border Safety, Obama's Immigration Order
Immigration's a hot political topic. And some Florida politicians are among those jumping into the debate. WUSF's Mary Shedden recently spoke with PolitiFact's Josh Gillen about two recent statements, from U.S. Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Tampa Bay area Congressman David Jolly.
Fact-Checking Jeb Bush on Email Records
Did former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush decide which emails would be part of the public record? And is Medicaid the biggest expenditure in the state budget? WUSF's Lottie Watts runs these claims by Josh Gillin of PolitiFact Florida.
PolitiFact Florida: Teen Drinking Rates; Gator Attacks vs. Guns
Has teen drinking in Florida declined by double-digits? Are you more likely to be attacked by an alligator than by someone with a conceal-and-carry permit? WUSF's Lottie Watts runs these claims by Amy Hollyfield of PolitiFact Florida.
Fact-Checking Jeb Bush: Does FL Have A Religious Freedom Law Like Indiana’s?
As debate over Indiana's new religious freedom law continues -- with one side saying it allows discrimination against gays and the other side saying it protects one's right to observe their religious beliefs -- former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is defending Indiana's law. He says Florida has its own version of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. According to PolitiFact Florida, that claim is Half True, because Florida does have a Religious Freedom Restoration Act that was passed by the Legislature in 1998, following the 1993 federal law of the same nature.
Fact-Checking Marco Rubio's statement on ISIS in Libya
Marco Rubio recently made a claim that ISIS is the predominant Islamic group in Benghazi now. Politifact's Josh Gillin checked that out and discusses the facts with WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck.
PolitiFact Florida on Jeb and Hispanics; Alcee Hastings and Bears
The fact-checkers check out comments that Jeb Bush told the Detroit Economic Club that "Florida’s Hispanic kids are the best of any Hispanic group of Hispanic students in the United States -- in fact, two grade levels ahead of the average in the United States"; and Congressman Alcee Hasting that there's a Texas law "that you can't shoot bears out of the second floor of a window."
Fact-Checking the State of the State Promises
We talk with the fact-checkers about Governor Rick Scott’s promises made both on the campaign trail and during Tuesday’s State of the State address and how they’ll be tracking them during the upcoming Florida Legislative session. We’ll also look at a pro-marijuana group’s claim that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz repeatedly voted to send sick patients to prison.
Fact-Check Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s First Campaign Commercial
Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn makes claims about jobs, the city budget and the city’s bond rating in a new campaign commercial. PoilitiFact Florida puts those claims through the Truth-O-Meter.
Fact Checking Wasserman Schultz on Rubio Immigration Criticism
Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz claims Senator Marco Rubio was for immigration reform before he was against it. PolitiFact checks that claim out.
Internet Trolls
An internet troll has actually apologized to one of his Twitter victims. And that’s got the attention of the people who run Twitter. Can they stop trolls?
Fact-Checking Marco Rubio’s New Book
Marco Rubio has a new book out that could be seen as a roadmap for any potential presidential campaign. PolitiFact Florida checked out a couple of claims in that book. WUSF’s Craig Kopp talks with PolitiFact’s Josh Gillin.
Lie of the Year
Politifact's Josh Gillin talks about Politifact's decision to declare exaggerations about Ebola the 2014 Lie of the Year.
Fact-Checking Possible Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush
The 2014 midterms are over and it’s not too soon to start looking ahead to the 2016 Presidential campaign. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has made a number of statement lately that sound like he could be running for the White House. PolitiFact Editor Angie Holan checks those out.
Fact-Checking the Popularity of Amendment Two
Backers of the medical marijuana in Florida say that constitutional amendment may have failed, but it still drew more votes than Florida’s governors. PolitiFact tells us if that’s true.
PolitiFact Florida on Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s Campaign Promises
Bob Buckhorn made a lot of promises when he campaigned for the office of Tampa mayor. WUSF’s Craig Kopp talks with PolitiFact Florida’s Richard Danielson about how many of those promises he had kept.
Fact Checking Lifespan of Greenlight Pinellas
PolitiFact Florida’s Amy Hollyfield fact-checks a claim by Greenlight Pinellas opponents that the one-cent sales tax for transportation expansion would last forever.
Fact-Checking Recycled Charges in Governor’s Race
WUSF’s Craig Kopp and PolitiFact Florida’s Josh Gillen discuss new TV commercials from Rick Scott and Charlie Crist, which PolitiFact says are full of old charges.
PolitiFact Florida: Dissecting Ads by Pam Bondi, Charlie Crist
It's election season, and the ads are coming fast and furious on the airwaves. So we talk with PolitiFact Florida's Josh Gillen to cut to the chase with ads by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi - and Democratic candidate for governor, Charlie Crist.
Fact-Checking Claims on Pill Mills and State Education
We talk with the fact-checkers about two claims: that Attorney General Pam Bondi eliminated 98 percent of the state’s pill mills; and Charlie Crist claiming that Gov. Rick Scott cut education by over a billion dollars, meaning thousands of teachers "lost their jobs" and "class sizes went up."
Fact-Checking Claim that Crist Swindled a Man
A Republican Party of Florida ad makes a claim that Charlie Crist swindled a man who invested in Scott Rothstein’s Ponzi scheme. PolitiFact editor puts that through the Truth-O-Meter.
Fact-Checking Crist Flip Flops
A new Republican Part of Florida ad takes aim at democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist’s position changes. PolitiFact Florida fact-checks the flip flop charges.
Both Crist and Scott Use Same Ponzi Scammer in TV Ads. A PolitiFact-Check
The Republican Party of Florida has used a convicted Ponzi scammer to question Charlie Crist’s integrity. Charlie Crist has used to same criminal to take a swing at Governor Rick Scott. PolitiFact checks out both claims.
Fact-Checking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
The ALS Association has collection 100 million dollars in donations through the Ice Bucket Challenge. How much of that went to ALS causes and how much went for administration? PolitiFact tells us.
Fact-Checking Charge that Obamacare Blocks Insurance Rate Regulation
PolitiFact Florida says Republican charges that Obamacare blocks Florida insurance regulation is “Pants On Fire."
Fact-Checking the claim that Amendment Two would give people marijuana – forever.
An anti-drug group claims that prescription would not have to be refilled for medical marijuana under Amendment Two. Patients would keep getting medical marijuana forever.
Fact-Checking Scott and Crist on Duke Energy
PolitiFact checks dueling claim on campaign ads that claim that either Governor Rick Scott or candidate Charlie Crist are responsible for allowing power companies to charge for plants that don’t generate power.
Fact Checking the Governor on Early Voting Changes
PolitiFact checks out claims by governor Rick Scott that shortened early voting hours were precleared by the Justice Department.
Fact-Checking Scott and Crist on All Aboard Florida Funding
Governor Rick Scott says there is no government money going into the All Aboard Florida rail system. Charlie Crist says the project is getting millions of Florida Dollars. PoltiFact checks that out.
Fact-Checking the Battle of Gubernatorial Ads
Claims made in competing TV ads for Governor Rick Scott and potential gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist are fact-checked by PolitiFact.
Fact-Checking Wasserman Schultz on ACA Court Rulings
Florida Congresswoman and Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz made some comments after a couple of court ruling on Obamacare that got the attention of PolitiFact Florida. Josh Gillin updates us on the fact checks.
Fact-Checking Claims about Florida’s Proposed Medical Marijuana Law
Josh Gillin of PolitiFact Florida talks about trying to fact-check claims about a Florida Medical Marijuana Law that hasn’t been written yet.
PolitiFact says Promise Kept for Scott on Taxes
PolitiFact’s Josh Gillin explains why PolitiFact Florida gave Governor Rick Scott a ‘Promise Kept’ rating for his stand against new taxes.
Fact Checking Marijuana Claims about Charlie Crist
A political action committee claims presumed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist signed the harshest marijuana laws in the country. PolitiFact Florida checked the facts on that claim.
Fact Checking Charlie Crist on Tuition Hike
PolitiFact Florida’s Josh Gillin explains why PolitiFact ruled as mostly true the claim that Charlie Crist raised Florida college tuition by as much as 15 per cent when he was governor.
Rick Kriseman’s Pier Promises
Rick Kriseman made a lot of promises about the St. Petersburg Pier on his way to the mayor’s office. PolitiFact checks to see if he kept them.
Republicans Came Up With Cap and Trade? A Fact-Check
Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz says Republican came up with the idea of carbon tax trading to control power plant emissions. PolitiFact’s Josh Gillin says that’s Mostly True.
Charlie Crist
More charges are flying between Florida governor Rick Scott and his likely opponent, Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist. PolitiFact checks out the latest, involving who did a better job with the jobless in Florida.