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PolitiFact Florida On Rising Sea Levels; Trump University Rating
Is the Tampa Bay area really one of the 10 areas most threatened by sea level rise in the world? And what's up with Trump University? To find out about these issues, WUSF's Steve Newborn talks with Josh Gillen of PolitiFact Florida.
PolitiFact Fl. On Charter Vs. Traditional School Funding; Cruz-Rubio Univision Spat
Do traditional public schools get more money for construction and maintenance of facilities than charter schools? And just what did Marco Rubio say - in Spanish - to a Spanish-language TV network about what he'd do about a controversial immigration program? Find out as WUSF's Steve Newborn talks with Josh Gillen of PolitiFact Florida.
PolitiFact Fl. Checks Out Gambling Stakes; Late-Term Supreme Court Appointments
Does the proposed compact with the Seminole Tribe to expand gambling in Florida give the state the largest guaranteed cut of any state in the country? And do presidents stop nominating judges in their last year in office? WUSF's Steve Newborn poses these questions to Josh Gillen of PolitiFact Florida.
PolitiFact Fl.: Jeb On National Debt; Marco And China Aiming At Our Satellites
National debt may not be the most fascinating topic for politicians to ponder, but does former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's claim that it's never asked about in the presidential debates ring up true? To find out about that and Sen. Marco Rubio's claim that the Chinese want to blow up American satellites, WUSF's Steve Newborn checks in with Katie Sanders of PolitiFact Florida.
PolitiFact Fl. On Marco Rubio's Stance On Cap And Trade; And Fatal Dentistry?
What's Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's stance on cap and trade - and has it changed over the years? Rubio says no, but some of his opponents aren't so sure. To do some fact-checking on that claim - and whether a lack of dentistry can prove fatal - WUSF's Steve Newborn talks with Katie Sanders of PolitiFact Florida.
PolitiFact Fl. Checks Out Whether Democratic Debates Falter; Rubio's Boots
While the boisterous Republican presidential debates have captured headlines with the candidates trading accusations and charges, there hasn't been that kind of buzz from the Democrats. So when the chair of the Democratic National Committee said their debates are getting maximum exposure for their candidates, that raised the eyebrows of PolitiFact Florida. WUSF's Steve Newborn talks about that - and Marco Rubio's boots - with fact-checker Josh Gillen.
PolitiFact Florida On Rubio And Iran Hostages; Jeb And Heroin Use
The issue of Iranian hostages was back in the news recently - the hostages from way back in 1980. U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., brought up Ronald Reagan's role in their release. WUSF's Steve Newborn talks about that and Jeb Bush's claim that he reduced the number of teens using heroin with Amy Hollyfield of PolitiFact Florida.
Dissecting the State of the State with PolitiFact Florida
Gov. Rick Scott kicked off the 2016 legislative session by touting his familiar goals for growing jobs, the economy and education funding. But he also made one over-arching claim: he has "completely turned our economy around." To check on that, WUSF's Steve Newborn talks with Katie Sanders of the PolitiFact Florida team.
PolitiFact's Lie of the Year - Guess Who?
It's that time of year to once again cast our gaze on some of the most outrageous comments made by politicians. WUSF talks with PolitiFact Florida's Amy Hollyfield about their latest stocking stuffer - The Lie of the Year.
PolitiFact Fl: Buying Guns while on the Terror Watch List; Trump's Moroccan Border Problem
Can people on the FBI's terror watch list buy guns with impunity? And what's up with Donald Trump's first TV ad showing a border that's not what it appears to be? WUSF checks on the facts with Josh Gillen of PolitiFact Florida.
PolitiFact Florida on State's Rights on Marriage; Marco Rubio's Comments on Muslims
Does the fact that people getting married in Las Vegas by an Elvis impersonator mean that states have the power to regulate marriage? And did Sen. Marco Rubio really compare Muslims to Nazis (not really...) To get the answers to those questions, we ask Katie Sanders of PolitiFact Florida.
Do Fish Swim in Miami's Streets? 700,000 Americans on a Terrorist Watch List?
Fish swimming in Miami? And hundreds of thousands of Americans on the FBI's terrorist watch list? To get to the bottom of these allegations, WUSF talks with Katie Sanders from PolitiFact Florida.
PolitiFact Florida on the U.S. Borrowing Military Helicopters, Trump's Racial Claim
Is the U.S. really borrowing helicopters to conduct NATO exercises in Europe? And what's with that tweet from Donald Trump saying most whites are killed by African-Americans? To get past the sound bites and discover the truth, WUSF checks in with the researchers from PolitiFact Florida.
PolitiFact Fl. On Immigration Comments by Jeb, Trump, and Rubio's Tax Proposal
Comments about the refugee crisis from Syria, illegal immigration and new tax policies have been coming from some of Florida's candidates for president. So we check the Truth-o-Meter on these with PolitiFact Florida.
PolitiFact Florida Checks out the GOP's Boulder Debate
The recent Republican presidential debate in Colorado had more than its share of interesting claims being bandied about. To vet the veracity of some of those claims, WUSF's Steve Newborn tunes in with the fact-checkers from PolitiFact Florida
PolitFact Florida Checks Out Trump on Obamacare Premiums Going Up
The political fallout from the Affordable Care Act - better known as Obamacare - continues full steam ahead, five years after it was passed by a Democratic-controlled Congress. Estimates on how Obamacare has affected insurance premiums have been all over the map. WUSF's Steve Newborn talks about the Republican front-runner's claims about that with PolitiFact Florida.
PolitiFact Florida on Gov. Scott's Claims on Record Education Spending
Governor Scott said, “Building on the record K-12 education funding and teacher pay raises and classroom debit cards of last year, I am committing an historic $18.8 billion in total funding K-12 education." He says the proposed education funding is the highest in Florida history. But is it? To find out, WUSF's Steve Newborn checks in with PolitiFact Florida's Amy Hollyfield.
PolitiFact Florida: Is Violent Crime Lower In States With Open Carry Laws?
To carry or not to carry? When it comes to guns, State Representative Matt Gaetz is all for it. He's pushing a bill that would let people wear their holsters openly. WUSF's Steve Newborn checks in with PolitiFact Florida's Josh Gillen about his claim that open carry makes people safer.
PolitiFact Florida Picks Apart Ben Carson on Illegal Immigration
The issue of illegal immigration has taken the stage front and center in the Republican presidential debates. So WUSF checks in with the fact-checkers from PolitiFact Florida to take on one claim from presidential aspirant Ben Carson.
PolitiFact Florida on Jeb Saying Fl. Created More Jobs Than Any Other State
Former Governor Jeb Bush is taking to the airwaves with his first commercial, saying during his time in office, he he cut spending and Florida led the nation in creating new jobs. To check on those claims, WUSF's Steve Newborn checks in with PolitiFact Florida's Josh Gillen.
PolitiFact Florida Takes the GOP Debate to Task
The recent Republican presidential debate was all over the field - not only in regards to the issues brought up, but time - at three hours. To talk about some of the claims brought up by the candidates, WUSF's Steve Newborn checks in with Josh Gillen of PolitiFact Florida.
PolitiFact Fl Asks: Is Jeb as Conservative as The Donald on Immigration?
Much of the buzz around Donald Trump has circulated around his outspoken views on immigration, particularly of the illegal sort from Mexico. Jeb Bush, on the other hand, has had a much softer tone on the issue. But has he swung to the right in the face of Trump's surprisingly strong campaign?
Hillary Clinton Not Only Candidate To Use Private Emails In Office
Mention the words "email" and "presidential candidate," and Hillary Clinton immediately comes to mind. That’s because Clinton has faced constant questions about her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State. But PolitiFact Florida has found that Clinton isn’t the only presidential candidate to use a private email server while holding a government office.
Why Are Fact-Checkers Watching 'Schoolhouse Rock?'
Why are the fact-checkers with PolitiFact Florida watching Schoolhouse Rock? WUSF's Lottie Watts gets the answer -- and the Truth-O-Meter ratings -- with Amy Hollyfield.
The politics of abortion and use of fetal tissue for research has come front and center with the showing of clandestine videos taken during meetings with Planned Parenthood. But just where do the candidates for president stand? WUSF talks with Josh Gillen of PolitiFact Florida about the history of two of the candidates from Florida.
PolitiFact Florida Looks at Jeb, Hillary on School Integration
The subject of what to do about lagging graduation rates for black students is being addressed as the presidential race heats up. Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton have aired opposite views of whether schools are more segregated now than they were forty years ago. WUSF talks with Josh Gillen of PolitiFact Florida to hear them out.
PolitiFact Florida's Flip-Flops on Charlie Crist
In two words, He's baaaack. But then again, did Charlie Crist ever really leave us? After all, he's the eternal candidate. Crist has run for everything from education commissioner to to attorney general to governor and Senator. Now, Charlie says he's ready to run again - this time for Congress. That is, if a upcoming redistricting mandated by the Florida Supreme Court shifts the district now held by David Jolly to the south to include his St. Petersburg home. Jolly's running for the Senate seat being vacated by Marco Rubio. So that brings him back full circle in the realm of PolitiFact Florida. Crist has been somewhat of a "trampoline," with PolitiFact Florida giving him a bunch of flip-flops on the issues.
PolitiFact Florida Checks Out David Jolly
On Monday, Pinellas Congressman David Jolly announced he's running for the U.S. Senate, vying to succeed Marco Rubio. So that means he's now in the sights of the fact-checkers at PolitiFact Florida. WUSF's Steve Newborn speaks with PolitiFact's Amy Hollyfield about some of Jolly's claims to be a true conservative.
PolitiFact Florida Checks out Congressman Alan Grayson
The decision by Marco Rubio to run for president has set off a series of ripples in the political world, as several people are vying to replace him in the Senate. One of those is Orlando-area Congressman Alan Grayson, who has developed a not-undeserved reputation for outlandish comments. WUSF's Steve Newborn talks about some of his claims with Josh Gillen of PolitiFact Florida.
PolitiFact Florida: Jeb's Tuition Raises 'Mostly True'
Jeb Bush has been getting a lot of attention for his stances on education in his run-up for the GOP nod for president. But his past is also getting a look under the political microscope. WUSF's Steve Newborn talks about Bush's stances on higher education with Amy Hollyfield of PolitiFact Florida.
PolitiFact Florida: Mostly False, Mostly True Claims In Bush Meme
As the pool of candidates for the Republican presidential nomination grows, so do the claims about the candidates.
PolitiFact Florida Checks out Jeb Bush's Tax Cuts, Voter Purge
It's been just a couple of days since Jeb Bush announced his candidacy for president - and already his time in Tallahassee is getting a lot of scrutiny. Did he cut $19 billion dollars in taxes? And what about those purges of voter lists? WUSF's Steve Newborn talks about this with PolitiFact Florida's Amy Hollyfield.
Is Rick Scott the Environmental Governor? And PolitiFact Fl on Marco and Job Creation
Is Rick Scott really the environmental governor? And did Marco Rubio strike a nerve when he said more businesses now fail in the country than start up? To answer those questions, WUSF's Steve Newborn talks with Josh Gillen of PolitiFact Florida.
PolitiFact Florida on Lobbyists and Jeb Channeling His Inner "Veto Corleone"
Is more money spent on lobbying in this country than on political campaigns? And did Jeb Bush really compare himself to "Veto Corleone?" For the answer to those questions, we talk with Amy Hollyfield of PolitiFact Florida.
PolitiFact Florida Checks Out Iraq Remarks by Jeb, Marco
The Iraq war is back in the news in a big way, after Jeb Bush stumbled on the question of "knowing what you know know, would you have invaded Iraq." We'll get to Jeb in a bit, but his potential adversary for the Republican nomination for president is also getting some grief on the topic. Marco Rubio was questioned repeatedly by Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace in a recent interivew, asking him if he’d changed positions on Iraq.
PolitiFact Florida on Scott Giving LIP to the Feds; Clinton on Immigration
The recently legislative session in Tallahassee came to an early end because of differences over how to close the gap over health care spending. Now, Governor Rick Scott is in Washington, trying to get the federal government to keep funding one pool of money - and not expand Medicaid. To talk about that - and Hillary Clinton's comments on immigration - WUSF's Steve Newborn chats with PolitiFact Florida's Josh Gillen.
PolitiFact Florida Checks out Claims on Donors, Experience
Campaign donors and political experience are just two topics candidates and those considering a run for office in 2016 are already talking about. PolitiFact Florida recently looked into two recent statements, from U.S. Congressman Alan Grayson of Orlando and from Florida Senator and GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio.
PolitiFact Florida on Rubio and 'Dreamers,' Scott on Medicaid
Now that Sen. Marco Rubio is officially running for president, he's already being hit with a barrage of attack ads. One of them says he tried to deport so-called "dreamers." We talk about that - and whether Gov. Rick Scott is taking both sides of the Medicaid debate - with PolitiFact Florida's Josh Gillen.
Fact-Checking Border Safety, Obama's Immigration Order
Immigration's a hot political topic. And some Florida politicians are among those jumping into the debate. WUSF's Mary Shedden recently spoke with PolitiFact's Josh Gillen about two recent statements, from U.S. Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Tampa Bay area Congressman David Jolly.
Fact-Checking Jeb Bush on Email Records
Did former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush decide which emails would be part of the public record? And is Medicaid the biggest expenditure in the state budget? WUSF's Lottie Watts runs these claims by Josh Gillin of PolitiFact Florida.
PolitiFact Florida: Teen Drinking Rates; Gator Attacks vs. Guns
Has teen drinking in Florida declined by double-digits? Are you more likely to be attacked by an alligator than by someone with a conceal-and-carry permit? WUSF's Lottie Watts runs these claims by Amy Hollyfield of PolitiFact Florida.
Fact-Checking Jeb Bush: Does FL Have A Religious Freedom Law Like Indiana’s?
As debate over Indiana's new religious freedom law continues -- with one side saying it allows discrimination against gays and the other side saying it protects one's right to observe their religious beliefs -- former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is defending Indiana's law. He says Florida has its own version of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. According to PolitiFact Florida, that claim is Half True, because Florida does have a Religious Freedom Restoration Act that was passed by the Legislature in 1998, following the 1993 federal law of the same nature.
Fact-Checking Marco Rubio's statement on ISIS in Libya
Marco Rubio recently made a claim that ISIS is the predominant Islamic group in Benghazi now. Politifact's Josh Gillin checked that out and discusses the facts with WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck.
PolitiFact Florida on Jeb and Hispanics; Alcee Hastings and Bears
The fact-checkers check out comments that Jeb Bush told the Detroit Economic Club that "Florida’s Hispanic kids are the best of any Hispanic group of Hispanic students in the United States -- in fact, two grade levels ahead of the average in the United States"; and Congressman Alcee Hasting that there's a Texas law "that you can't shoot bears out of the second floor of a window."
Fact-Checking the State of the State Promises
We talk with the fact-checkers about Governor Rick Scott’s promises made both on the campaign trail and during Tuesday’s State of the State address and how they’ll be tracking them during the upcoming Florida Legislative session. We’ll also look at a pro-marijuana group’s claim that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz repeatedly voted to send sick patients to prison.
Fact Checking Wasserman Schultz on Rubio Immigration Criticism
Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz claims Senator Marco Rubio was for immigration reform before he was against it. PolitiFact checks that claim out.
Internet Trolls
An internet troll has actually apologized to one of his Twitter victims. And that’s got the attention of the people who run Twitter. Can they stop trolls?
Fact-Check Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s First Campaign Commercial
Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn makes claims about jobs, the city budget and the city’s bond rating in a new campaign commercial. PoilitiFact Florida puts those claims through the Truth-O-Meter.
Fact-Checking Marco Rubio’s New Book
Marco Rubio has a new book out that could be seen as a roadmap for any potential presidential campaign. PolitiFact Florida checked out a couple of claims in that book. WUSF’s Craig Kopp talks with PolitiFact’s Josh Gillin.
Lie of the Year
Politifact's Josh Gillin talks about Politifact's decision to declare exaggerations about Ebola the 2014 Lie of the Year.


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