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  • Nations Agree Rulebook On Climate Change
    Nearly 200 nations agree rules on implementing 2015 Paris agreement at UN climate conference after marathon talks. Also in the programme; Another weekend of unrest in France as the 'yellow vest' protests continue and; more than five decades after the release of the much loved musical 'Mary Poppins' a sequel hits the silver screen. (Picture: Smoke and steam billows from the Emile Huchet Power Station operated by UNIPER in Carling, eastern France. Credit: Reuters/Christian Hartmann)
  • Climate Summit Extended in Bid for Agreement
    Delegates from nearly 200 countries have extended their talks in the Polish city of Katowice, in an effort to reach an agreement on how to limit global temperature rises. Also in the programme: French police are out in force in Paris as anti-government protests continue; and India's ambitious plan to train 2 million doctors. (Picture: Staff at the climate summit in Katowice, Poland. Credit: Getty Images)
  • 14/12/2018 GMT
    Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.
  • 14/12/2018 GMT
    Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.
  • Brexit: May Awaits EU Help
    Theresa May is in Brussels to seek assurances from EU leaders to make her Brexit deal more palatable to Parliament. Also in the programme: ceasefire agreed in Yemen port of Hodeida and why Australians are going off booze. (Picture: European leaders meet during a European Summit aimed at discussing the Brexit deal, the long-term budget and the single market Credit: AFP/Getty Images)
  • Theresa May Returns to Brussels After Her No Confidence Vote
    The British prime minister Theresa May is back in Brussels today, trying to make her Brexit agreement more palatable to the parliament back home. She's faced a major challenge to her leadership from within her own party and won, although it further exposed the obstacles she faces trying to get the agreement passed before Britain leaves the European Union at the end of March. Also on the programme, China has now detained two Canadian citizens on suspicion of engaging in activities that endanger Chinese national security. And in the Democratic Republic of Congo, suspicions are raised when a fire takes place in the building storing the electronic machines to be used in the forthcoming elections. (Picture: Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May speaks to medias as she arrives in Brussels Credit: Oikonomou/Getty Images)
  • Theresa May Survives Confidence Vote
    The British Prime Minister Theresa May has won a vote of confidence in her leadership of the Conservative Party. We are devoting much of the programme to the outcome. We will be speaking to allies of the prime minister and to those who wanted to get rid of her. We will also be asking if it will make any difference to her attempts to get her Brexit deal approved by parliament. (Photo: Theresa May, who survived a confidence vote in her leadership on Wednesday. Credit: Getty Images)
  • UK Poised for PM Confidence Vote
    UK Prime Minister Theresa May has said she will fight a vote of confidence with everything she has. She is facing the vote because MPs are not happy about the deal she has struck with the EU. We’ll hear from politicians and analysts. Also in the programme: the latest from French city of Strasbourg after an attack late yesterday on a Christmas market and Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen is due to be sentenced. Photo: Theresa May in the UK Parliament ahead of a no confidence vote by her own party's MPs Credit: AFP PHOTO/PRU
  • Strasbourg Shooting
    A gunman has opened fire in the French city of Strasbourg, near a busy Christmas market, killing at least two people and injuring ten others. One eyewitness told the BBC that he and other passers-by spent forty minutes trying to save a tourist from Thailand, who died. People in the city centre have been told to stay inside. A French counter-terrorism prosecutor has opened an investigation. Also on the programme -- Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany has told the British prime minister, Theresa May, that the Brexit deal can not be renegotiated; and a rare interview with the president of the DRC, as he prepares to step down after seventeen years in power. (Photo: Reuters)
  • 11/12/2018 GMT
    Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.