Preeminent University

Incoming Florida Senate President Joe Negron (left in checkered shirt) speaks to lawmakers and USF executives and studentsand students during his visit to the Tampa campus in April.
Preeminent University

USF is getting closer to joining the University of Florida and Florida State University as a ‘preeminent state research university,’ obtaining not just additional funding but also national prominence. Find out what this status will mean for USF and its students – plus we see how USF’s growing reputation recently attracted the attention of one of Florida’s most powerful lawmakers on University Beat on WUSF 89.7.

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Read University of South Florida President Judy Genshaft's letter to faculty and staff announcing a "path to preeminence."

State University System webpage

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Mark Schreiner

Mark Schreiner has been the producer and reporter for "University Beat" on WUSF 89.7 FM since 2001 and on WUSF TV from 2007-2017. In addition to serving as a producer, reporter, host and assistant news director, he serves as Intern Coordinator for WUSF News. Mark has worked as an anchor, reporter and producer at radio stations in Tampa and his native Chicago since 1992. He graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a BA in Telecommunications/Radio in 1994.

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