All Night Jazz: Dominic Walker - bassist Bob Cranshaw

bassist Bob Cranshaw

This week on All Night Jazz, we’ll focus on the late, yet ubiquitous, bassist Bob Cranshaw. Though he never recorded as a leader, Cranshaw was tenor saxophone master Sonny Rollins’ bassist for nearly 50 years and was ostensibly the house bassist for the Blue Note Record label during the 1960s. Tonight on  the “Other Nine to Five,” Dominic Walker will feature music from pianist McCoy Tyner on his 89th birthday. Plus more songs featuring our focus artist of the week, the late bassist, Bob Cranshaw. Then later, on the Midnight Standard, we’ll hear another version of John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps.” [Photo: flickr/tommarcello/357468629]

Air Date: 
Monday, December 11, 2017 - 9:00pm