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WUSF 89.7 has a decades-long tradition of bringing you the best in jazz all night, every night. Our knowledgeable and personable hosts – Mike Cornette, Lorri Hafer, Jackson Harpe, Richard Jimenez, and Dominic Walker – present the jazz classics along with the best new releases every hour, all night long. We hope you’ll check out our playlist here on the WUSF website, and appreciate your joining us as often as you can for America’s music – jazz – in the late night and early morning hours.

This week on All Night Jazz

Mike Cornette: Pianist Cyrus Chestnut
On the “Other Nine to Five,” Mike Cornette will be weighing the evidence as he gets ready for jury duty on our Jazz Trip@Ten. Plus, more songs featuring our focus artist of the week, pianist Cyrus Chestnut.  Then later, just in time for “hump day,” we’ll hear another version of Duke Ellington’s “Caravan” on the Midnight Standard. The adventure begins tonight at nine on WUSF 89.7. [Photo:
January 17, 2018 on Jazz

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Mike Cornette
Mike Cornette

After an early stint in jazz radio Jazz Director Mike Cornette went on to enjoy a wide-ranging and comprehensive career in the music industry. Now he’s come back home to his jazz roots where he blends his experiences with jazz artists, record labels, music distribution, and music streaming services  to bring a unique perspective to WUSF’s All Night Jazz. Since his arrival he’s instituted several new features on All Night Jazz including:

  • The Jazz Trip@Ten, jazz impressions of the world and beyond heard nightly at ten;
  • Our weekly “Artist Feature” where each week we get an in depth look at a specific artist or event throughout the entire... Read More...

Musical Notes from All Night Jazz

Jazz Podcast: Saxophonist Branford Marsalis
Click Here if you missed Mike Cornette speaking with saxophonist Branford Marsalis on All Night Jazz 1/3/18.
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This Week on All Night Jazz

Jackson Harpe - Visits Amsterdam, music about Windmills
Tonight on the “Other Nine to Five” Jackson Harpe will visit Amsterdam on our Jazz Trip@Ten, including music about windmills and Vincent Van Gogh. Plus, more songs featuring our fo...
All Night Jazz: Dominic Walker - Tributes to Martin Luther King
This week we’ll focus on pianist Cyrus Chestnut, who turns 55 on January 17th. Though Cyrus got an early start with singer Jon Hendricks, it was his stint with Wynton Marsalis in t...
Whitney James: Tribute to pianist Cyrus Chestnut
Tonight on the “Other Nine to Five,” Whitney James will kick off a week long tribute to pianist Cyrus Chestnut plus she’ll paddle-wheel up the Mississippi River on the Jazz Trip@Te...

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