Planning for Death

Planning for Death

The end-of-life is not the easiest topic to bring up with a loved one, and the experts say many folks just don't do it.  Beginning next year, Medicare plans to pay doctors to do voluntary counseling with patients about end-of-life care. This week on Florida Matters, our panel discusses how to plan for that care -- along with other end-of-life issues.

USF School of Aging Studies and the Florida Policy Exchange Center on Aging
Ginsburg Shulman Attorneys at Law
Author of Why Wait? The Baby Boomers Guide to Preparing Emotionally, Financially and Legally for a Parent’s Death
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Robin Sussingham

Robin Trohn Sussingham is a reporter and program host at WUSF Public Broadcasting, and is the producer of Florida Matters. She came to WUSF from public radio stations KUER and KCPW in Utah, has contributed stories to NPR and Marketplace, and also has an extensive background in print reporting. She was born in Lakeland and often reports about Polk County.

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