Then & Now 8/29: Be Prepared

John Cage

On this date in 1952, “Water Music” by John Cage had its premiere at the Maverick Concert Hall in Woodstock, New York.  "Water Music," is written for a "prepared piano", that is to say a piano that had various items inserted in its strings to alter its sound.  The work also called for a duck call, and transistor radio. 

So…Water Music.  Radio.  Prepared.  These things can certainly serve as a reminder to us all as we head toward the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season.   And recent events in Texas reminds us all that we need to stay informed on the weather situations in our area.  Classical WSMR is here to help.  We’re a member of the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network (FPREN) a collaboration of 13 public radio stations that provide information to 99% of Florida’s population during statewide emergencies. The FPREN network is equipped to remain on-air during hurricanes and other natural disasters, providing live coverage statewide. It delivers local and regional information during emergencies and is part of the national Emergency Alert System. 

Air Date: 
Tuesday, August 29, 2017 - 8:00am