Then & Now 7/31: Sousa Marches On

John Philip Sousa

On this date in 1892, John Philip Sousa ended his 12-year tenure with the Marine Band, one of the finest touring ensembles of the day. According to our friends at the Composers Datebook, Sousa was famous coast-to-coast, but wasn’t paid very well. While he was on tour early in 1892, Sousa had been approached in Chicago by an impresario with a business proposition.  He said "Why not form your own band, Mr. Sousa? I can offer you four times your Marine Corps salary, plus a percentage of the new band's profits." Sousa thought it over, when he got back to Washington, D.C., he submitted his resignation effective July 31, 1892. With that chapter of Sousa's musical career over, another was just beginning. Over the next four decades, the Sousa Band would go on to become famous worldwide.

Well, with the earlier start dates for our schools this year, many of the areas High School Bands are gearing up for marching season.  Band camps are being held all over the area as young marchers learn their new shows for the fall football and marching competition seasons.  Best wishes to all of our area marching bands! 


Air Date: 
Monday, July 31, 2017 - 8:00am