Then & Now 1/17: Amadeus

Then & Now 1/17:  Amadeus

On this date in 1773, Mozart was just a few days from his seventeenth birthday and was in Italy with his father, Leopold. He was there for the production of his new opera, "Lucio Silla," for the city of Milan.  The lead singer was the castrato Venanzio Rauzzini, a male soprano, who, Leopold Mozart said 'sang like an angel."  Well, apparently the young Wolfgang thought so as well, as he also composed a sacred work, tailor-made to show off his remarkable voice resulting in the famous motet "Exsultate, Jubilate," which had its premiere performance on today's date in 1773.

Speaking of Mozart, next week the Sarasota Orchestra is presenting a concert called “Amadeus.”  It is no secret that musicians know how to have good time... sometimes a little too good! From Mozart to Bernstein, this program exposes the intriguing and outrageous stories behind some of the best known musicians and their music. Join the Sarasota Orchestra and guest conductor Stefan Sanders along with operatic tenor, Jason Collins and Principal Bass, John Miller for a program of captivating stories and music January 24th – 27th in Sarasota’s Holly Hall.  Details are online at