Sunday Baroque Listings: October 9, 2016

Sunday Baroque Listings: October 9, 2016

Hour 1:
You may not be able to pick out a bassoon from an orchestra line-up, but you would probably recognize the SOUND of the instrument as the gruff grandfather in Peter and the Wolf.  Hear a different bassoon voice – one of three dozen Concertos for the instrument composed by Antonio Vivaldi.  It’s just one highlight of Sunday Baroque this week.

Hour 2:
Music about the “Great King Ferdinand” and selections from the Musical Songbook of the Spanish Palace -are part of Sunday Baroque’s Columbus Day weekend celebration – music that honors the spirit of discovery, while paying tribute to the benefactors who made it possible! Sunday Baroque travels back to 1492 this weekend.

Hour 3:
Rumors of classical music’s demise are often greatly exaggerated. There are many talented and successful young musicians leading the way into the future, commissioning new music, connecting with fans on social media and bridging the gap between musical genres. You’ll hear performances by a few of those trailblazing young stars this week on Sunday Baroque.

Hour 4:
When Ottorino Respighi composed his Suites of Ancient Airs and Dances in the early 20th century, he really DID use “ancient airs and dances.” Respighi quoted Renaissance and early Baroque era tunes by a variety of composers, and you’ll hear one of those original tunes on Sunday Baroque this weekend.


Air Date: 
Sunday, October 9, 2016 - 10:00am