Sunday Baroque Listings: February 19, 2017

Sunday Baroque Listings: February 19, 2017

Hour 1:
1685 was an important year for music – George Frideric Handel was born on February 23rd, about a month before Johann Sebastian Bach. Sunday Baroque will celebrate Handel’s birthday anniversary this weekend, with a selection of his music including a selection from his oratorio ESTHER.

Hour 2:
From intimate gatherings to formal State Dinners for VIPs, the White House has been the setting for many fine musical performances throughout our country’s history. This President’s Day weekend on Sunday Baroque, you’ll hear a few of the outstanding musicians who have performed for US Presidents.

Hour 3:
In 1733 Georg Philipp Telemann offered a series of Chamber Music by subscription called TABLE MUSIC, and one of the many “celebrity” subscribers was George Frideric Handel. It was a financial and critical hit for Telemann! Table Music by Telemann is one of the highlights of Sunday Baroque this week.

Hour 4:
The Rare Fruits Council is NOT a trade group or lobbyist – it’s the name of an early music ensemble. They group specializes in researching and playing rare MUSICAL fruits, such as the “Pieces for Playing” by little-known 17th century composer David Petersen. You can hear one of them, and other intriguing baroque rarities, this week on Sunday Baroque.


Air Date: 
Sunday, February 19, 2017 - 10:00am