Sunday Baroque: Antonio Vivaldi

Hour 1:
SOME of Antonio Vivaldi’s hundreds of Concertos have descriptive nicknames – the Four Seasons are probably the best example. And Vivaldi may have heard peasants blowing on conch shells when he visited Bohemia, providing inspiration for his concerto nicknamed “Conca.” It’s one of the highlights this weekend on Sunday Baroque.

Hour 2:
Before a performance, musicians pick a common note and calibrate their instruments – if you’ve attended a concert, you’ve probably heard that tuning ritual. “Ensemble 415” tunes the way they believe a Baroque era orchestra would have – using a slightly flatter note than a modern orchestra, with the note “A” at 415 herz. That’s where they get their name. You’ll hear a performance by Ensemble 415 this week on Sunday Baroque.

Hour 3:
Even though he was an ordained Catholic priest, Antonio Vivaldi remains best known for being a prolific composer – and his huge portfolio was overwhelmingly secular instrumental music, rather than sacred music. You’ll hear one of Antonio Vivaldi’s 500 concertos this week on Sunday Baroque.

Hour 4:
Spring flowers from Claudio Monteverdi … uplifting Christmas music by Palestrina … and a long unknown Concerto by Antonio Vivaldi. Those are some of this weekend’s highlights on Sunday Baroque. [Photo: public_domain/Leopoldo_Zaffalon]


Air Date: 
Sunday, January 14, 2018 - 10:00am