Sunday Baroque 6/10: George Frideric Handel

Sunday Baroque 6/10: George Frideric Handel

Hour 1:
According to one legend, George Frideric Handel substituted for the regular church organist after services one day. But Handel’s playing was so extraordinary that the congregation stayed there, mesmerized, and wouldn’t leave the church until he stopped playing! You just might find yourself glued to the radio listening to a captivating organ concerto by Handel on Sunday Baroque this week.

Hour 2:
The Italian city of Padua has a rich cultural history – with the world’s oldest botanical garden, a prestigious University founded in 1222, beautiful architecture and more. This weekend Sunday Baroque will feature music and musicians connected to Padua, including Antonio Vivaldi's Concerto for St. Anthony of Padua’s Feast.

Hour 3:
After a royal coronation in England, the custom was to have a big festive banquet in Westminster Hall -- a huge crowd of people, including all the musicians, crammed into the hall for the celebration. John Eccles composed some of the music used at Queen Anne’s 1702 coronation that would have been played for that party afterwards. You’ll hear some of it this weekend on Sunday Baroque.

Hour 4:
Johann Sebastian Bach was 18 years old when he landed his first job as a violinist in Weimar’s court orchestra. Bach was also an expert keyboard player, and his Sonatas for Harpsichord and Violin put both those talents to work. You can audition a new recording of them this weekend on Sunday Baroque.

Air Date: 
Sunday, June 10, 2018 - 10:00am