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Sunday Baroque allows you an opportunity each week to explore Baroque and early music (written before 1750). Composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, and Handel were the cornerstones of this era, with masterpieces including the Water Music, Royal Fireworks Music, and the Brandenburg Concertos.
Sunday Baroque celebrates the current wealth of recorded repertoire available, with great performances by yesterday's and today's best performers.

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Sunday Baroque 7/1: Independence Day
Hour 1: How are you celebrating the Independence Day holiday? Whether it’s a parade, fireworks, or a picnic, Sunday Baroque is featuring music with perfectly complements the spirit of Independence Day, played by American musical ensembles. Remember: the founding fathers were 18th century men – and the music they heard was from the baroque era. Party like the Founding Fathers this week on Sunday...
July 1, 2018 on Classical Music

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This Week on Sunday Baroque

Sunday Baroque 6/10: George Frideric Handel
Hour 1: According to one legend, George Frideric Handel substituted for the regular church organist after services one day. But Handel’s playing was so extraordinary that the congr...
Sunday Baroque Listings: May 27, 2018
Hour 1: “Battaglia” is the Italian word for battle, and in music it refers to a composition that portrays the sounds and emotions of a battle. It was a popular form in the baroque...
Sunday Baroque Listings: May 20, 2018
Hour 1: For 12 years, violinist Frank Peter Zimmermann had exclusive use of a 1711 Stradivarias violin nicknamed the *“Lady Inchiquin” that had been played by Fritz Kreisler. It wa...