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Bethany Cagle hosts every weekday afternoon and Saturday mornings. Each day Bethany adds a superb touch of class to the station, and brings you the interesting stories behind the music. Listen each day. You’ll find Bethany’s the perfect companion on the radio. Bethany features Midday Mozart Monday – Friday at noon – with a piece of music and a bit of info on one of the world’s favorite composers for your listening pleasure.

This week on Middays with Bethany Cagle

Clarinet, Viola and Piano Trio
Long before there was a candy named Skittles, there was a game named skittles.  It started in Europe as a lawn bowling game and still survives these days as a pub game in the United Kingdom and Ireland.  But legend has it, that Mozart was playing a game of skittles when he cooked up the Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano in E-flat major.  Musical experts say that probably wasn’t the case, but the...
June 8, 2018 on Classical Music

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Classical WSMR Host, Bethany Cagle
Bethany Cagle

Whether it’s Midday Mozart at noon, an early Saturday morning or the Sunday Evening Masterwork, Bethany Cagle is your charming radio companion. Combining her love of classical music and storytelling, Bethany brings you the interesting stories behind the music everyday on Classical WSMR.

Musical Notes from Middays with Bethany Cagle

Felicia Brunelle
The Bridge Trio is presenting a concert next Tuesday at the Neel Performing Arts Center in Bradenton called "Coming to America" featuring music by John Adams,  Ernest Bloch, and th...
David Coucheron
The Sarasota Music Festival is underway and you can hear one of the acclaimed faculty members when Bethany Cagle welcomes violinist David Coucheron to our Sarasota studio for live...
La Traviata
Opera Tampa is getting ready for their performances of Verdi’s La Traviata, and you can learn more about this production Friday afternoon as Bethany Cagle welcomes Maestro Daniel L...

This Week on Middays with Bethany Cagle

Mozart: Oboe Quartet in F, K. 370
Mozart created a real showpiece for the oboe in this work.  It was written in Munich, where he had met an oboist who is described as extraordinary.  A man named Friedrich Ramm.  It...
Live Performacne Promo - Sarasota Opera
Sarasota Opera’s production of Carmen is underway, and cast members from the opera will be singing for you live on the radio this Wednesday afternoon at 4:00.  Join Bethany Cagle a...
Five O'clock Unwind: Jack Gallagher’s Berceuse
Today’s “Five O’clock Unwind” has been called by Fanfare Magazine, “so beautiful it could make you cry.”  Well, we aren’t hoping to bring on the waterworks, but to take some of the...


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