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Sunday Baroque Listings: July 3, 2016 - Independence Day

Hour 1:
One of this country’s leading early music groups is led by a British conductor: Nicholas McGegan became music director of the San Francisco-based Philharmonia...

Sunday Baroque Listings: June 26, 2016

Hour 1:
Baroque era composer Georg Philipp Telemann wrote a huge quantity and variety of music – church music, overtures, concertos, sonatas, and more. Telemann’s output was...

Sunday Baroque Listings: June 19, 2016

Hour 1:

Sonora Smart Dodd introduced the idea of Father’s Day in the early 20th century after hearing a Mother’s Day sermon. She adored her father, and felt there should be...

Sunday Baroque Listings: June 5, 2016

Hour 1:
If you’re familiar with Johann Sebasatian Bach’s orchestral suites, you may be accustomed to hearing #2 with the flute in a featured role. Well, after extensive research, some...

Sunday Baroque Listings: May 29, 2016

Hour 1:

16th century English musician Christopher Tye had a close relationship with his royal patron the queen … occasionally she’d complain that he played out of tune –...

Sunday Baroque Listings: May 22, 2016

Hour 1:

If you think music from the baroque era is “out of this world” then you’re REALLY going to like the music on Sunday Baroque this weekend! You’ll travel to the stars...

Sunday Baroque Listings: April 24, 2016

Hour 1:

In 1720, Johann Sebastian Bach was 35 years old – it’s the year his first wife died suddenly while he was out of town. Bach was a single father, and he couldn’t...

Sunday Baroque Listings: April 17, 2016

Hour 1:

The baroque era was a time of elaborately decorated and ornamented art and architecture, as well as music. The word “baroque” comes from the word “barroco” which...

Sunday Baroque Listings: April 10, 2016 (madrigals in the 1500s and 1600s)

Hour 1:

In 1722, St Thomas in Leipzig, Germany needed a music director. One of the musicians invited to apply for the job was Johann Friedrich Fasch, but he decided NOT to...

Sunday Baroque Listings: April 3, 2016 - Jean Philippe Rameau

Hour 1:

Johann Sebastian Bach stuck relatively close to home, but he visited many musical cultures through his musical journeys. Bach never went to France but for his 2...

Sunday Baroque Listings: March 27, 2016 (Heinrich Biber's Rosary Sonatas)

Hour 1:

You know the saying “Two heads are better than one?” … well, when it comes to baroque concertos, two trumpets are better than one, and two horns are better than one...

Sunday Baroque Listings: March 20, 2016 - Vivaldi’s Spring Concerto

Hour 1:

George Frideric Handel was a renowned organist, and one of his specialties was the ability to improvise. When he led his ensemble performing one of his oratorios or operas, he...

Sunday Baroque Listings: March 13, 2016

Hour 1:

Every year Sunday Baroque throws a little birthday party for Johann Sebastian Bach, who was born in March of 1685. This weekend’s BACH BIRTHDAY BASH is an all-Bach...

Sunday Baroque Listings: March 6, 2016

Hour 1:

Anna Bon of Venice was a musician in the 18th century. She published 6 Flute Sonatas in 1756, when she was only 16 years old, and dedicated them to her...

Sunday Baroque Listings: December 13 , 2015

Hour 1:

This weekend, instead of facing the crowds at the mall searching for the elusive “perfect gift” – why not pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy...