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Bach’s Flute Sonata

Hour 1:
A SICILIANO is a musical form that evokes a pastoral mood … the middle movement of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Flute Sonata in E-flat is a particularly beautiful...

Sunday Baroque 3/25:  Vivaldi’s SPRING Concerto

Hour 1:
Georg Philipp Telemann was an outstanding musician who could play many different instruments … he was also a prolific composer, AND a savvy businessman. There was a...

Sunday Baroque: Georg Philipp Telemann

Hour 1:
Georg Philipp Telemann lived to the ripe old age of 86, outliving most of his contemporaries and actively composing almost to the end. He was exceptionally prolific...


Hour 1:
SOME of Antonio Vivaldi’s hundreds of Concertos have descriptive nicknames – the Four Seasons are probably the best example. And Vivaldi may have heard peasants...

Sunday Baroque Listings: April 16, 2017

Hour 1:
Music was NOT the original career Antonio Vivaldi trained to pursue. He studied for the priesthood and was even ordained, but within the first year, he gave up his church...

Sunday Baroque Listings: February 19, 2017

Hour 1:
1685 was an important year for music – George Frideric Handel was born on February 23rd, about a month before Johann Sebastian Bach. Sunday Baroque will celebrate...

Sunday Baroque Listings: February 12, 2017

Hour 1:
Francois Couperin imitated what he imagined to be the cooing and trilling of a “Nightingale in Love” in one of his keyboard solos. It’s become a favorite piece by...

Sunday Baroque Listings: February 5, 2017

Hour 1:
Pianist Andre Watts had one of those magical launches to his career – he was still a teenager when Leonard Bernstein chose him to play with the New York Philharmonic...

Sunday Baroque Listings: January 15, 2017

Hour 1:
“Bergamasca” was a type of rustic 16th century dance that allegedly originated in the Northern Italian town of Bergamo, although the composers who wrote them were not...

Sunday Baroque Listings: December 18, 2016

Hour 1:
In the baroque era, music was written for all kinds of occasions -- church holidays, weddings, mealtime entertainment, royal lullabies, and more. A new recording on...

Sunday Baroque Listings: November 13, 2016

Hour 1:
Every time you listen to Sunday Baroque you know you can expect to hear familiar music by composers whose names you might recognize – such as George Frideric Handel...

Sunday Baroque Listings: November 6, 2016

Hour 1:
Pittsburgh – Philadelphia -- Cleveland -- Boulder, Colorado – all cities with outstanding musical ensembles. Some of them even specialize in playing baroque and...

Sunday Baroque Listings: October 23, 2016

Hour 1:
19th century composer Johannes Brahms once advised: “Study Bach. There you will find everything.”   Bach intended much of his music to sharpen his...

Sunday Baroque Listings: October 9, 2016

Hour 1:
You may not be able to pick out a bassoon from an orchestra line-up, but you would probably recognize the SOUND of the instrument as the gruff grandfather in Peter and the Wolf. ...

Sunday Baroque Listings: October 2, 2016

Hour 1:
In 1669, at the tender age of 20, John Blow stepped into the prestigious job of organist at Westminster Abbey. More than 300 years later, the Westminster Abbey Choir...

Sunday Baroque Listings: October 2, 2016

Hour 1:
In 1669, at the tender age of 20, John Blow stepped into the prestigious job of organist at Westminster Abbey. More than 300 years later, the Westminster Abbey Choir...

Sunday Baroque Listings: September 4, 2016

Hour 1:
It’s Labor Day weekend – maybe you have time off for the holiday, and a chance to relax and catch your breath. To make it a little more enjoyable, Sunday Baroque...

Sunday Baroque Listings: August 14, 2016 (Antonio Vivaldi)

Hour 1:

A viola da gamba is, literally, a viol of the leg. It’s a bowed string instrument that’s held between the legs, so it resembles a cello. The earliest instruments...

Sunday Baroque Listings: August 7, 2016

Hour 1:

Every year, over the first full weekend in August, the town of Twinsburg, Ohio hosts a Twins Day Festival. Twins and triplets and other “multiples” will descend on...

Sunday Baroque Listings: July 17, 2016

Hour 1:
When someone gives you a nickname you don’t like you can usually shrug it off. But when King Louis the 13th called his court musician Michel Danican by...

France’s big Bastille Day

Hour 1:

France’s big Bastille Day holiday is celebrated on July 14th. It’s the annual commemoration of the start of the Revolution in 1789, and Sunday Baroque...

Sunday Baroque Listings: July 3, 2016 - Independence Day

Hour 1:
One of this country’s leading early music groups is led by a British conductor: Nicholas McGegan became music director of the San Francisco-based Philharmonia...

Sunday Baroque Listings: June 26, 2016

Hour 1:
Baroque era composer Georg Philipp Telemann wrote a huge quantity and variety of music – church music, overtures, concertos, sonatas, and more. Telemann’s output was...

Sunday Baroque Listings: June 19, 2016

Hour 1:

Sonora Smart Dodd introduced the idea of Father’s Day in the early 20th century after hearing a Mother’s Day sermon. She adored her father, and felt there should be...

Sunday Baroque Listings: June 5, 2016

Hour 1:
If you’re familiar with Johann Sebasatian Bach’s orchestral suites, you may be accustomed to hearing #2 with the flute in a featured role. Well, after extensive research, some...