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Five O'clock Unwind: Jack Gallagher’s Berceuse

Today’s “Five O’clock Unwind” has been called by Fanfare Magazine, “so beautiful it could make you cry.”  Well, we aren’t hoping to bring on the waterworks, but to take some of the stress out of...

Midday Mozart

Each summer, Mozart scholar Robert Levin shares his brilliance with the students who come to learn and perform at the Sarasota Music Festival, where he now serves as Artistic Advisor. 


Live Performance: Sarasota Opera's Verdi Cycle

Sarasota Opera is about to complete is Verdi Cycle.  When finished, the opera company will have performed every single note Verdi wrote!  You can learn more about this monumental task as Bethany...


Sarasota Opera’s Winter Festival is underway, and this coming Friday, you can meet the cast of their production of Verdi’s Aida as they stop by our Sarasota Performance and Broadcast...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

On the way at noon, an expressive and elegant symphony written by a teenaged Mozart. Join Bethany Cagle for Midday Mozart on Classical WSMR!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

A childhood friend of Mozart asked him to write music for his sister’s wedding celebration. This friend and his sister were the children of Salzburg’s mayor and anything this family did, was...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Join Classical WSMR this afternoon for a piano concerto that Mozart played at festivities surrounding the coronation of Leopold II. It’s a brilliant work played by the stellar pianist Vladimir...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Join us for a Mozart symphony today at noon – a work written at a time of great career stagnation for Mozart but one that didn’t hamper his creative growth! Midday Mozart is at...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart’s Symphony No . 41, “Jupiter”, is considered his final word in the genre, so why is there a Mozart Symphony No. 45? Join Bethany Cagle for Midday Mozart at noon for an explanation...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Join us for a lunch time serenade today. Midday Mozart will feature a lovely “Serenata Notturna” at noon with Bethany Cagle. 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Join us for Midday Mozart today to hear a work that’s a hybrid between a symphony and a concerto at noon with Bethany Cagle.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Today’s Midday Mozart is a lyrical, stunning work for an instrument that was rather young in Mozart’s time – the clarinet. Join Bethany Cagle today at noon for Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A on...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

On the way at noon today, a work by Mozart that he described as “brilliant, pleasing to the ear and natural without being insipid”.  An apt description of his Piano Concerto No 12. Join Bethany...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Today you’ll hear music Mozart wrote for a Parisian audience. He knew what the French audience liked and gave it to them, especially a strong start. The beginning of Mozart’s Paris Symphony is one...


On the way this afternoon on Classical WSMR 89.1 and 103.9, a ballet suite by Mozart called “Les Petits Riens”.That translates as “The Little Nothings”, an apt title as that is exactly what Mozart...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Join us today for a musical diversion by Mozart. You’ll hear a divertimento meant to be background tunes for a banquet. It’s elegant, bright and because it’s Mozart, attention-getting. 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart wrote thirty-five violin sonatas over his lifetime and only one is in a minor key and it’s considered his finest. We’ll hear that today on Midday Mozart at noon with Bethany Cagle.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

We’ve added loads of new recordings to our music library recently. You can join us for one of those new recordings at noon when young German violinist Lena Neudauer plays a rondo by Mozart on...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

On the way today, a Mozart symphony written under the influence of two composers who were well-established in Vienna before Mozart arrived – Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf and Franz Joseph Haydn. A...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

When Mozart found himself working for an unappreciative and demeaning boss, the Archbishop of Salzburg, he decided to become a freelance composer/performer in the music-loving city of Vienna....

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Days before turning five years old, Mozart played his first complete piano piece having only spent a half hour learning it. Within a few months, Mozart wrote his own piano work. By the time Mozart...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart received a request to write a work for the oboe at a time when he was most preoccupied with composing his opera Idomeneo. But the request came from a principal musician in...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Violinists are grateful for the five violin concerti Mozart wrote in his teens, though they much prefer to play only the last three. These are more mature works, more showpiece-like.  So that...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart certainly knew many virtuoso horn players of his day, but it was for his good friend Joseph Leutgeb that he wrote his brilliant horn concerti. These are full of intelligent humor and warmth...

Maria Theresia von Paradis

Today’s Midday Mozart is a work he wrote for a blind virtuoso named Maria Theresia von Paradis. She was a pianist, composer and a singer and the sublime concerto that Mozart wrote for her is...