WUSF Policies

WUSF Places High Priority on Protecting Your Privacy. When you join WUSF as a member, we collect your personal information for specific, limited purposes. The information you provide enables us to better serve your needs, including more personalized services, sending you email alerts, responding to your requests and tracking activity on our website to help determine which features are most desirable by our members.

WUSF's commitment to personal privacy is demonstrated by our policy which prohibits disclosure of personal information to a third party organization. We do not sell or trade the personal information of our members. The personal information you provided is solely for use by WUSF.

Additionally, as a service to our members, you can elect to have your membership record updated to reflect your personal contact wishes. You can choose to be excluded from specific WUSF mailings, telemarketing calls or email contacts. Simply call our member services office at 1-800-741-9090 at any time and ask to speak with a member services representative. We'll be happy to update your record. We respect your right to privacy and aim to provide you with a positive online and offline experience. Please direct questions or comments about privacy or website security to: webmaster@wusf.org

WUSF Corrections Policy
WUSF Public Media corrects substantive errors in broadcast and online reports in a timely way. Corrections of such errors will be made on air, on our website, and adjacent to original text and audio archives online. Errors that do not affect the material understanding of a story may be posted adjacent to archived material online without an on-air correction. Please direct questions or comments about corrections to: webmaster@wusf.org

WUSF Comment Policy
WUSF Public Media invites people to comment on WUSF Content, but not on the WUSF.org site. FaceBook and Twitter have become more popular and effective arenas for conversation.


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