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Corporate Sponsorship
Scot Kaufman
Media Sales Manager
(813) 974-8667

Arielle Giordano
Sales Media Assistant
(813) 974-8623

Development & Gift Planning
Scott Nolan
Development Director
(813) 974-8677

Intellis Media
Bill McQueen
(813) 905-6943

Video Production
Jorge Cunha
Director of Production
(813) 905-6941

Patrick Morris
Government Television Manager
(813) 905-6917

Audio Studio Rental/ISDN
Craig Georg
(813) 974-8643

Chris Sampson
(813) 974-8646

Willow Wright,
Director of Digital Services
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Online Listening
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JoAnn Urofsky
General Manager
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News Room
If you have tips, suggestions, comments or news releases for the News Department, please email us at:

Mary Shedden, News Director

Mark Schreiner, Assistant News Director, Intern Coordinator, University Beat

Steve Newborn, Assistant News Director, Senior Environmental Reporter

Julio Ochoa, Health News Florida Editor

Cathy Carter, Reporter, Host

Stephanie Colombini, Reporter, Producer of Florida Matters

Marc Haze, Host

Andy Lalino, Visual Journalist

Jessica Meszaros, Reporter, Host

Daylina Miller, Multimedia Reporter

Lisa Peakes, All Things Considered Host

Robin Sussingham, FL Matters Host, Reporter

Susan Giles Wantuck, Report, Host

Sheila Rue
Program Director
(813) 974-8647

Russell Gant, Classical Music Director and Classical Music Host

Bethany Cagle, PSA Coordinator, Classical Music Host

Tyler Kline, Classical Music Host

Mike Cornette, WUSF Jazz Director

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